Embracing a balance of traditional, holistic wellness and natural remedies, our team enjoy creating the five natural elements to help you or body and soul reach a deep state of relaxation that leads to an intense sensation of weel- being. Meet our Lava Wellness Team.


Heide Allan, LMT



Heide was born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii. Embracing her heritage’s culture and a genuine desire to share her knowledge of ancient tropical remedies from her grandparents, she became a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in Hawaii and Ohio. She has practiced massage therapy and have been producing recipes for over 15 years—it was only a few years ago her when clients urged her to sell her products and hence Transcend by Heide was born.


Heide knew early on that she wanted to help others with massage and aromatherapy. “My grandpa said I knew what I wanted to do when I was 2 – but I don’t remember”. In 2014, she began selling her own personal care products based on family recipes from the islands.

In February 29, 2016 Heide opened the doors on Transcend by Heide in Maumee. Using goat milk and coconut milk, along with essential oils, Heide creates soap in bar and jelly forms. Other ingredients include rose water, arrowroot and agar-agar. Her Black Magic soap includes royal jelly and active charcoal to help customers with acne or odor issues. Another combines papaya and goat milk. Kiana’s Skin Soothing Jelly Soap is a highly concentrated wash made of coconut oil that can be used a small spoonful at a time with a loofah. “It’s not a fake lather. I use fruits and oils. I know how to manipulate the ingredients,” Heide said.

Heidi, Winner of The Best of Toledo in 2017 and certified AMTA, she and her staff believes in the needs of others with simple, natural healing combining the five elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood which are directly related to our five senses.




Emily Goodwin 

My name is Emily Goodwin and I've been a licensed massage therapist since 2013.  I graduated from Healing Arts Institute in Perrysburg, OH.  I am a certified member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals).  My favorite modalities to practice are myofascial release and hot stones. I love dogs and am a social media animal advocate for The Toledo Humane Society and Lucas County Canine Care & Control.


Kayla Schoreder

Aloha! My name is Kayla and I am your wellness associate here at lava wellness spa. I am the first smiling face you will see when you come through our doors. My mission is to educate you on all of our Fantastic amenities, guide you through the 5 earthly elements that we incorporate in all that we do here at Lava, and help you find inner peace and relaxation while enjoying your time with us. Mahalo!


Pam Rezk



Kiana Allan

I'm a freshman at Perrysburg High School, and over my summer break I regularly went to work as a Wellness Associate at Lava. I am a big sister and Heide’s oldest daughter, I come in to work to help my mom but in my free time I enjoy playing snare drum  in my school’s drum line and currently working on achieving my second degree black belt in martial arts.


Monica Michael

Hello!  My name is Monica.  I have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren that I adore.  I have been Heide's accountant for the past 6 years.  I have helped Heide in all aspects of growing her business and enjoy doing so.  I have watched Heide grow from a 1200 sq foot space "Transcend by Heide"  to our new 4200 square foot "Lava Wellness Spa".  I have been helped in my personal growth by the great massages that I get from the LMT Team at Lava.