At Lava Wellness Spa, our mission is to create a balance between traditional and modern life.  We use the five natural elements to help your body and soul reach a deep state of relaxation that leads to an intense sensation of well-being. Lava offers much more than the average massage. 

Foot Bath

Exclusive only at Lava Wellness Spa.  Given the importance of the feet in reflexology, enjoy immersion of your  feet in extremes of temperature and Himalayan salt while waiting for your massage treatment.


60 mins |  80 mins 

Royal Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Our signature massage that blends traditional Hawaiian massage techniques with a twist of modern applications from around the world. It is effective at treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, chronic pain, and muscle tension. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi focuses on increasing circulation and releasing adhesions, knots, and injuries from the deepest layer of your muscle.

Pregnant belly

60 mins |  80 mins 

"Oh Baby!" (Prenatal Wellbeing) Massage

Our ultra-pampering prenatal massage utilizes our special pregnancy pad that allows expecting mothers to comfortably lie face down, and maybe even catch a few "z's!" Special attention is paid to aching legs, lower back, and shoulders using a variety of massage techniques, like the incorporation of warm bamboo and hot stones to aid in muscle relief. We will elevate you to an invigorated state of being making it a thoroughly rewarding experience.


60 mins |  80 mins 

Nature's Best Facial & Scalp Massage

This transformative facial and scalp massage combines healing aromatherapy with deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, and hot/cold stone therapy. This concentrated treatment will unravel tension on sore and tight facial jaw and scalp muscles. This massage will be followed by a Thai herbal steam, healing sea clay scrub, and ancient mineral clay mask, which feeds necessary nutrients to the skin and body. This treatment relieves fatigue and rejuvenates dull, dry, and undernourished skin, leaving you purified and revived.

Massage Salts

60 mins |  80 mins 

"Rock Your World"


Our Royal treatment. A unique combination of hot sauce and Thai herbal ball therapy with special heat wave tools. This massage incorporates the five elements - wood for rejuvenation, fire for zest, earth for balance, metal for detoxifying, and water to soothe. This helps balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of your body leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized. You will enjoy a truly unique and customized island experience

Back Massage

60 mins |  80 mins 

"The Deeper the Better" Massage

This deep tissue massage blends of trigger point therapy, shiatsu, acupressure, and cupping by request! It's especially recommended for soreness after a hard day's work. Let us personalize and target your tense areas for an overall destressing experience. 

Please note that although this massage will give you incredible benefits, it is intense and the preference for everyone.

Sports massage on leg

60 mins |  80 mins 

"You Got It, Sport!" 


Pre- and post-event sports massage designed for the serious athlete looking to get an edge in their next competition. The primary objective of this massage is the prevention and/or treatment of injury-hereby significantly enhancing athletic performance. This experience incorporates the full range of motion stretches and warm bamboo to iron out the areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Your body works for you - let us work for your body.

Reflexology Therapy

60 mins |  80 mins 

5 Elements Reflexology Massage

This aromatherapy massage is a customized blend of essential oil infusions with warm herbal steam towels and hot stones. Applying skillful therapeutic pressure to the feet and hands may help relieve stress and pain to the rest of the body. These target points can send signals to the nervous system to stimulate energy and release endorphins to relieve stress and pain.

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